t is the service responsible for 

  • Receiving, 
  • Storing, 
  • Processing, 
  • Distributing and 
  • Controlling the supplies and equipment (both sterile and non-sterile)

 for all user units of the Hospital for the care and safety of patients under strict Quality Control.

Significance of CSSD

  • The CSSD plays a vital role in patient safety and in reducing hospital surgical infection. From an infection control perspective, it is essential to ensure that proper disinfection of surgical equipment is performed.
  •  It provides & supplies sterilize equipment, linen and other items use for operations & sterile procedures. It receives, checks and cleans the instruments and maintain inventory.


Items Entertained by CSSD

Normally the following types of article are entertained by CSSD

  • Diagnostic set
  • Treatment set
  • Dressing material 
  • OT linen and Instrument
  • Rubber Gloves/items 
  • IV set and Infusion set

Distribution of CSSD Zones

CSSD has separate three zones as following:

  • Soiled Zone/Dirty Zone .
  • Clean Zone.
  • Sterile Storage Zone.

CSSD Layout