What is Laminar Air Flow?

Laminar Air Flow means that the flow of air is continuous, steady and unidirectional,with the entire body of air in the room moving with a low uniform velocity in parallel planes. In rooms equipped with Laminar Flow Patterns, the idea is to have a steady, turbulence-free flow of absolutely clean air to bathe the occupants and equipments. Under this condition of a piston-like delivery of air, the air will migrate over all surfaces. Any contaminated particles will not be picked up from one spot and deposited in another. Rather, it will be carried away from the working area to the Exhaust Point.

Technical Specification

 Cleanliness : Class 100
 Particle retention : 0.3 micron
 Velocity : 90FPM + 20%
 Illumination : 750 – 800 lumen
 Noise level : 60-65 decibels
 Standard : FED 209E
 Power supply : 220v single phase

Salient Features

Benefits / Advantages

Salient Features:

  •  Laminar flow plenum is constructed from aluminum
  • Serves the main objective to dilute the bacteria generated by the operating team
    & patient in theatre
  • It follows an air flow pattern that carries out contaminated air, away from
    operating table
  •  Plenum has HEPA Filler’s having efficiency up to 99.9% down up to 0.3 micro us
    tested in factory
  • Plenum is integrated with light diffuser
    It is an integral part of operation theatre
  •  Air and light diffuser is consisted of two layers of monofilament precision woven
  • polyester of uniform porosity with an open area of sufficient resistance to create
    laminar flow from diffuser’s face
  •  Air-Stream is not directed at the operator causing less stress over
  • Larger pieces of equipment cause less
  • Larger working area